Huntington Woods Local Culture

Huntington woods is a beautiful suburb located in Oakland County in the state of Michigan. The suburb has a population of about 6,238 people. It is a beautiful place to live and visit with a number of tourist attractions, hotels and fun things to do. Market Watch ranked it the tenth best residential suburb in America.

The local community is very friendly and welcoming to visitors. The area experiences low crime rates making it an ideal tourist destination for couples and families. In addition, a huge part of the population is literate with many people aged 25 years and above possessing a graduate degree. Furthermore, the median income per household is relatively high compared to the national median income.

Residents frequent the Recreation Center located next to Burton Elementary. The center is used for many cultural and recreational activities. It has a gym where people work out. It is also a historic site as visitors and locals get to see and experience how the center came to be back in 1974.

Residents look forward to the fruit camps and summer concert series held annually. These allow people to mingle, socialize and relax. Fruit Camps are held for kids and contain many fun activities. Scotia Park is frequented during the summer when the weather is warm and inviting. People enjoy hot-dogs and other activities like picnics, hiking, riding bicycles and dog walking. There is also a vibrant music scene with many concerts organized at the park.

Swimming pools have also been a huge part of the community. Since the first pool was opened in 1960, Residents have enjoyed this healthy recreation activity till date. Visitors can relax and go for a swim at will. There are also swimming sections available for toddlers and kids.

Other places to visit while in Huntington Woods include museums that are rich in history and culture, Detroit Zoo, Rackham Golf Course, Berkeley Ice Arena and the Opera Theater.

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